First family flips another - Posted by PerryIL

Posted by RoadRunner on December 05, 2000 at 03:10:48:

Can you blame the guy?! He’s gonna need loads of legal defense money. I’d do the same thing, for sure!

First family flips another - Posted by PerryIL

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Clintons to Flip Westchester Property Whitewater-style

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Published: 12/4/00
Posted on 12/04/2000 07:59:08 PST by anniegetyourgun

Not since Bill and Hillary Clinton teamed up with Whitewater’s Jim and Susan McDougal have two public officials contemplated pulling off such a daring land flip heist in broad daylight. But if New York Post gossip columinist Neal Travis is right (and he usually is), the Clintons’ Chappaqua home is about to get the Castle Grande treatment, with a super sized jackpot at the end of the real estate rainbow for D.C.s most notorious power couple.

Travis says the buzz at Sunday night’s Kennedy Center Honors gala was that the first family is putting the seldom used 10 Old House Lane property on the market. “The Clintons never even got around to having ‘hard wired’ security installed because they wouldn’t be there that long,” he adds. Here’s the plan, which should sound more than a little familiar to those who recall how Hillary turned a modest six figure investment in Castle Grande into a $4 million bonanza for Webb Hubbell’s father-in-law:

“You get yourself elected, find a place in D.C. and shake the dust of Chappaqua off your sensible flat shoes,” says Travis. “As a bonus, one of your well-heeled pals buys the mansion at a huge premium, giving you a fat profit. (Even a stranger would pay a bonus to boast that he lives in a house once – albeit briefly – occupied by the first family.)”

A source in Chappaqua tells that Travis is right on the money – and that the Clintons actually put their New York “home” up for sale just three days after Hillary won her Senate seat.

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Posted by dewCO on December 04, 2000 at 22:56:51:

I guess they won’t have a seasoning problem. So that means no else in NYC should, huh!!!

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We could make alot of jokes about Bill leaving some skeletons…actually “interns in the closets” but why bother!!