Finding a vacant propertie's address - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Lee on September 22, 2004 at 24:45:17:

My first thought is…
POSTMAN… (OK Post person) LOL.
Ask the postman to write down, with a magic marker on a 5 by 7 index card, (both furnished by you) the address of the properties and throw the cards out of their vehicle by each (unnumbered) mailbox. Go by and pick them up on that day. (And write the number underneath the box (facing the ground).

Be careful, don’t pay too much, doesn’t sound like there is much demand in your area.

Good Luck!


I do not know if the above is illegal or not, so ask your mail carrier! If it is a violation of law, DROP IT!.. and find another way.

Finding a vacant propertie’s address - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Kevin on September 21, 2004 at 16:19:46:

I have found some vacant properties around the area in which I live that do not have any addresses posted on the house or the mailbox. They are in somewhat rural locations and thus do not have other houses adjacent to them. Does anyone know of an easy way to determine the address of such a house? I am attempting to use the house address to look up the tax records in order to find the owner. Any suggestions would be helpful.