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Thanks for the response. Yea, that is about what I figured. I respect the right to have proprietary information.

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Posted by michaela on July 13, 2002 at 08:59:48:

i’m not a guru, so take this for what it’s worth. i believe, that the ‘trick’ to this business is finding a niche - doing things a little different than others - standing out from the crowd. don’t misunderstand me. educate yourself, read what other have to say and write, take good advice and utilize it, network with others, that are successful and use their techniques. but when you get to that point and understand all this, find a way, that makes you stand out from the other 1000’s of investors, that work in the same market.
for years i have done ‘high-end’ rehab of victorians. staying within 10 mins. from home, farming the area and going into every house that has ‘open house’ on sunday.
i won’t touch anything that doesn’t have 80-100k profit potential and i do major rehab (50k-100k rehab). i don’t have much competition in buying those ruins, because everybody else wants the cosmetic fix-ups. i love designing and decorating, so it’s a great niche for me.
i’m not saying that’s what you should do, but find your own way. find something that you enjoy, there are so many facets to this business.
2 months ago i came up with something new, that i have never heard any guru talk about, i haven’t come across anybody else dong it and i’ve made about 100k in those 2 months. so, even with 1000’s of investors in my market (atlanta) there are still things out there, that you can
find, that noone else is doing. just find your niche.

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I think in a few sentences you have said a lot for the beginners. I hope that they take your comments to heart.

There are riches in the niches.

OK, now that you have bragged about developing a new $50K a month idea, aren’t you going to describe it?

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thank you! i appologize if i bragged. i only meamt to illustrate the point, that there are still possiblities out there, even if it seems, that everything’s been done.
i’m really not ready to give out the details of what i’m doing, because i don’t, yet, want to create my own competition here. i’m sure there are others that are doing the same, independently from me, but i really want to build up my cash right now, since a lot of my money is in equity, that i can’t touch. i am mentoring someone long-distance on what i’m doing, so, i’m not trying to keep it all to myself, since i can’t work in any other city than atlanta at the same time. i just know that there are atlanta people reading this list as well.
but if you look at all the posts, that i have made in the past 3 weeks or so, i think you could possibly figure out what i’m doing :wink: