FHA loan question

A while back I was approved for an fha loan. My middle score was 660.
Right now the loan is in underwriting.

What do you know… I get a notification from equifax that I have a new collection. Apparently I owe sprint $150 for a piece of equipment that should have been returned three years ago and they never contacted me. Shame on me for figuring the $400 early termination fee I paid covered that. Anyway, I still had the equipment in a closet and am sending it back for credit and removal from my credit file.

Here is the problem… I can’t get it removed in time before closing and if they pull my credit now, my scores might not meet the minimum requirement.


How likely is it they will pull my credit again before closing?

If they do pull it, does this destroy my chances simply because my score falls below even though I can prove the score will increase once the credit bureaus remove the collection?

Most lenders pull credit in the pre-qual stage, as well as when the loan closes. So chances are, they will see that collections. But I think it takes 30 days for a collection to show up on your credit, so you may be in luck by the time the loan closes. But to play it safe, you need to have a conversation with your lender so they are aware.