Feedback on R. Alcorns 'Dealmakers guide to MH P - Posted by Robert (NC)

Posted by Eric C on July 11, 2001 at 11:53:57:

Hi Robert -

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t read his MHP materials (other than an excerpt of the section on due diligence posted here at time or two). Buying this course has been on my to do list for a while now and your post has prompted me to place my order today.

I’ve purchased quite a few MH notes over the years and yet never really took a close look at the parks until I attended the MH workshop that Terry Vaughan, Lonnie Scruggs, and Ray put on in Charlotte. Suffice it to say that Ray opened my eyes to all the opportunity I was missing.

I don’t have a park yet; I am looking. But I won’t even think of purchasing a park without his materials.

If you do a search on this board or on the commercial board you can get a preview of the level of advice Ray provides to all who ask. It doesn’t get any better.

Ray knows his stuff and he is generous to a fault.

Here’s the deal, I think so highly of Ray that I have tried (so far unsuccessfully) to get him down here to my part of the country (Texas) more often. But I plan to keep on trying.

And I’ll let you in on another little secret – when I do locate my park, I plan to make it worth his while to help me evaluate it – whatever the cost.

Good luck with your project.


Eric C

PS - uh, Terry? Lonnie? Ray? Just when and where is the next MH workshop scheduled? How about the Third Coast? (Texas)

Feedback on R. Alcorns 'Dealmakers guide to MH P - Posted by Robert (NC)

Posted by Robert (NC) on July 11, 2001 at 10:42:53:

Me and my wife are considering starting a small Mobile Home Park. We have looked at all the local parks and keep finding them full. I will continue research in the closest city’s. However, since I’m a newbie and want to do plenty of research, I would like to know if anyone has read

‘Dealmakers guide to Mobile Home Parks’ by Ray Alcorn. Offered for sale on this web site. Is it worth the purchase ? I’m treating this like a business, i want to do, and as such am starting work on a business plan.
Early next year Jan or Feb, we will be in a financial position to get started implementing our plan.

thanks in advance for any feedback.


Ray Alcorn’s course - Posted by Joe C.

Posted by Joe C. on July 11, 2001 at 22:48:38:

I have owned a small MHP for about seven years and managed one for a couple of years before that. I got Ray Alcorn’s course and Ernest Tew’s course early this year. I have found them both to be accurate and very helpful. I was getting kind of discouraged with this business before I got those course’s and the ideas presented turned me completely around. I would recommend them to newbie as well as ‘seasoned’ park owners.

Just my .02
Joe C.

And if you needed anymore proof… - Posted by Eric C

Posted by Eric C on July 11, 2001 at 12:04:05:

… of the kind of advice you get from Ray, just scroll down a few posts and catch the gem about “filling a park fast”.

See what I mean?


Eric C