Fee for addtional days after 30 day notice. - Posted by Donald Smith

Posted by Jim_MA on December 31, 1998 at 21:20:04:

Regarding item one i would charge the pro-rated daily rate for the month of january ie: 900/31 per day.
on item two i would not consider the day of the carpet cleaning to be on them unless i did not get possession of the property until after close of my normal business day 5pm.
I have never had a turn over go any faster than 48 hours but if i had a committment requiring a faster turn over i would definitely charge them the day of the cleaning.

Fee for addtional days after 30 day notice. - Posted by Donald Smith

Posted by Donald Smith on December 31, 1998 at 18:05:29:

We have receintly taken over the management of a rental property from a property management firm that kept changing their fee structure. Now our tennents, after three months of late payements, are moving out. They gave us a 30 day notice on December 13th and (were) scheduled to to move out on the 13th of January. I let them know that they could have 3 days beyond there projected move out date at a daily rate of $35.00. The rent is $900 per month. Now they are extending the date to the 18th.

I have two questions:

First: Since there is since there is no contract, (the lease has expired), what can I reasonably charge for the additional days with the goal of convincing them to leave on time.

Second: They have scheduled carpet cleaners to come in after they move out. Would the property be considered still under their control and can I charge them for the day of the cleaning which is one day after they want to move out.

Thanks for any feedback that I will get!