expert help!! - Posted by cory

Posted by Shawn J. Dostie on July 21, 2003 at 19:26:46:

Will it be 3 1 br apartments, 2 2br and 1 1br or what? What are current rents for the area? What will it cost to convert? Do you have experience in the conversions, like adding kitchens, baths, and separating utilities? Answer these and more advise may follow.

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expert help!! - Posted by cory

Posted by cory on July 21, 2003 at 17:53:08:

hi all I keep using you guys and keep making money so why stop you are all so creative with different ways on buying propertiesā€¦there is a home with 1 apertment on the top floor and can be maid into a 3 apartment homeā€¦the house has been on the market over a year and the owner has died and the daughter owns it now I have waited 3-4 months now and want to approach them on buying the property I am looking for another no money down agreement to do I should be able to buy the home for $80,000.00 any ideas please.

Thanks again everyone