Evicted Finally...Now I need to collect! - Posted by Natasha (MD)

Posted by Carol on January 14, 1999 at 09:04:25:

Not really to the point of collecting, but our attitude and announced position to tenants with late payments is that, once we FILE, we pursue. They have ample time before and during a 3 day notice to work something out with us, if there is reason to do so. But once we ante up at the courthouse and start the proceedings, they are told that we WILL NOT stop and that it WILL go on their records. So far, they have left, or made responsible arrangements for payments - present and future. Guess we’re lucky.

Evicted Finally…Now I need to collect! - Posted by Natasha (MD)

Posted by Natasha (MD) on January 13, 1999 at 16:27:29:

Today my husband and I finally evicted a tenant who stayed in our apartment for three months. She didn’t work and would get money from a different church each month to pay her rent. Although we file for evictions on the third day after the 1st, we needed three judgements to get the apartment back since she would always pay up with the help of these churches. Today we did it. The church money dried up. Now,she still owes us $1500. I need to know who do I call to report this delinquent rent. I use Northland services for credit reports but I understand they do not turn information to a credit bureau anymore. I have the judgements from the courts. Do I just call TRW, transunion, etc?

How did she pay? - Posted by raelynn mitchell

Posted by raelynn mitchell on January 18, 1999 at 12:46:02:

I ask that because it determines the possibilities of collecting and how 2 go about it. One interesting thing you might want to consider in the future is, photocopy the front of any personal checks you receive and keep it in your files. If in the future you need to collect something, the front of that check gives you a starting place…if the bank account is still open, which can be verified by a phone call to the bank as a “merchant” to verify the status of the account. I suspect that this may be one of the reasons why several of the larger apartment complexes near me do not accept cash for rent payment, but only checks and money orders. (Also provides safety for their manager employees who do not have to worry about being robbed on the way to the bank.)

I know this may not be much help, but maybe it’s a place to start.

Re: Evicted Finally…Now I need to collect! - Posted by Rob FL

Posted by Rob FL on January 15, 1999 at 21:14:06:

If you know where she currently resides, you can usually bring the judgment in to the local sheriff (or whoever levys upon property) and start selling off some of her personal effects or automobile. Also if she has rented somewhere else, you might be able to confiscate her security deposit.

Re: Evicted Finally…Now I need to collect! - Posted by John (KS)

Posted by John (KS) on January 14, 1999 at 09:15:13:

I was told by my lawyer, If she has no job, you will probably never see your money. If she had a job, you could have a lawyer (who would take 25% of what you receive) work up the paperwork to garnish her wages. If she changed jobs, you would then have to start the paperwork over again.

Re: Evicted Finally…Now I need to collect! - Posted by Bud Branstetter

Posted by Bud Branstetter on January 13, 1999 at 22:40:54:

The judgement will probably not be recorded unless you get an abstract and file in county records. It will then get to their credit report. Collecting is a whole other book. And many have been written on the subject. The bottom line-until they have something you’re not likely to collect anything. Try Tenantchek to report them.

Re: Evicted Finally…Now I need to collect! - Posted by PBoone

Posted by PBoone on January 13, 1999 at 22:24:58:

If you have already gone through the court system the judgements will show up on her credit report. this is done electronically via court records

next time - Posted by Laure

Posted by Laure on January 13, 1999 at 22:53:10:

Next time don’t take any additional money after eviction. It’s hard to say no to cash in hand, but better in the long run. After I file at the court house, I no longer accept rent.

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: next time - Posted by Irwin

Posted by Irwin on January 14, 1999 at 04:18:57:

You are a very smart lady. I can’t tell you the number of times that I, and people I know, have been bitten in the but- by tenants after we took their back rent money and backed off of an eviction order. The only thing different I would do, is let them stay after filing, (depending on how long I gave them before filing) but not after an actual eviction order is signed by the judge. Once you have the move out order, stick to your guns.