Ed, Ray suggested I get your advice on this...... - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on November 06, 2000 at 14:19:08:

information you’ve given me about a business plan. Now, to be honest I thought my business plan that I had was finished but NOW I KNOW BETTER.

I will keep working on it and when I’m finished I will definitely take you up on your offer and give you a call so you can review it for me.



Ed, Ray suggested I get your advice on this… - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on November 05, 2000 at 23:02:30:

So here goes my post that was originally posted in the commercial forum:

I’ve recently been introduced to an investor in my area that does all his deals no money down. What he does is he gets a commercial loan on the property for 75% of the appraised value and then he gets the seller to hold a small 2nd for the remaining balance.

He gave me his bankers name and number and we spoke together for a brief moment. I told him that I’ve done mobile home deals in the past but I want to venture into single family homes now. He requested my last 2 years tax returns, corporate and personal and a personal financial statement. I got my tax returns together and my accountant and I will work on the financial statement on thursday, in the meantime I’ve created a business plan of where i am now, where i want to go and also deals I’ve done in the past. Is there anything specific that I should have in there that would PERSUADE the banker to start working with me, or is it all based on my tax return and fiancial statement and the credit report he’s going to run on me???
(the credit report scares me a tad, I don’t know what it looks like as of late!)

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you may have Ed,


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Posted by Ed Garcia on November 06, 2000 at 01:03:48:


A Business Plan is extremely important for 3 reasons.

(1) For you the Investor, it allows you the investor an opportunity to lay out a game plan from beginning to end. In that game plan you can evaluate yourself and your plan. If you done your job right, you can put all the pieces of how you operate together like a puzzle. Such as choosing your title company, appraiser, contractor, tell how you plan to invest in real-estate, your experience level, how you plan to buy, market place, how you plan to market or sell them, What your plans are if they don’t sell, etc.

(2) For you to obtain other Backers (Investors), now you can show them a solid buyable plan, rather than give them some verbal mambo jumbo with holes in it. The Backer will feel more confident in you and your venture, because you have mapped it out for them.

(3) For a Working Credit Line from a Bank. This line is just like having an Investor. It’s designed to allow you to buy property making cash offers to get a better price, cheaper cost for the money, faster closes, get more deals, can season your deal, etc.

Carey, these are just a few reason for a Business Plan. Yes if your intentions are to just do a deal here or there, you don’t need one. If you plan to be a real-estate investor or entrepreneur, it’s PARAMOUNT, for growth and getting the real money from banks as well as romancing Investors (Backers). A good Business Plan adds CREDIBILITY to you and your real-estate venture.

Carey, here is an example of an out line of a Business plan that I give in my workshop.


A BUSINESS PLAN is an important tool for the Real-estate entrepreneur in order to obtain a working credit line from a Bank, as well as working with other investors or financiers.

No doubt the entrepreneur grows weary of hearing at every turn about the need for a business plan.

As a banker once told me, I don’t hear too well, but I read real good. Give me your business plan first, then we may talk. The reason for this attitude are several and sound.

First, they want facts, not hype. Most personal presentations are overloaded with hype. Bankers or Investors do not want to be sold a “bill of goods”.

Second, they want statistical and financial data to message before meeting with the entrepreneur.

Third, they want time to do some independent investigation of both the entrepreneur and the proposed business before meeting the entrepreneur.

Finally, they want some evidence of his analytical and conceptual skills.

Prospective associates should be most interested in your plan. Exactly what do you propose to do? How do you intend to do it? Your plan not only discloses you intentions, but how well you have thought our your venture.
Unfortunately, most entrepreneur give scant thought to many aspects of their proposed Enterprise. It often becomes all too apparent in the business plan that the promoter has not done their homework, therefore is not someone with whom you could trust their information.

Even more importantly, the business plan is essential to you planning. The things you would do in writing a business plan will force you to do many essential tasks that you would likely overlook otherwise. The very act of writing a plan for your proposed business will be most informative to you. Definitely, it instills a much needed discipline to the often overly enthusiastic of the " eager beaver investor".

Another definition for business plan, is a “GAME PLAN,” which in all reality we should have when doing a business venture .For this reason, most college entrepreneurial Programs are built around the writing of a business plan.

Most entrepreneurs or investors, are not familiar as to how to write a business plan.

As a result, they try to find someone to write it for them. There is much business for the person who can write good business plans. Unfortunately, much of the benefit of a business plan is lost if you have somebody else write it for you. Sitting down and pounding out the plan, section by section, forces you to do considerable thinking and evaluation of your plans… Without expectation, entrepreneurs who have written their own business plans, report that they were forced to rethink many aspects of their venture when it became apparent to them that they were some serious flaws in their thinking. The parts did not fit together properly.

Your plan is not a blueprint which you follow step-by-step in creating your empire. Instead, consider it a road map from where you are now, to where you want to go. There will be detours and lots of bad roads, but you will still find you plan helpful even if you are continually changing it as new information and new experiences are encountered.

Not surprisingly, most people first want to know what goes into a business plan. The outline below provides some ideas of what might be included in your plan, depending upon the exact nature of your proposed venture. Although I’m teaching you this plan for the purpose of a banking credit line, I felt it important for you to understand the full value of a business plan. Use common sense! What aspects are there to your new enterprise? You’ll have to plan every aspect of your business, either formally or
informally as you proceed. One way or another you must make a lot of decisions about what you are going to do in all phases of the business.


Summary-An Executive Overviewed

The Concept
The Market
The Organization
Your Credentials
The Product or Service
Production Plans
The Marketing Plan
The Financial Plan
The Schedule
Operating System
Control Systems
Growth Plans

Carey, Go to http://venturea.com/business.htm there you will find some information on doing a Business Plan. When you think you have your Business Plan done and want someone to review it, call me at (909) 944-0199 and I will have you fax me a copy and go over it with you. I hope this bit of information gives you enough information to get you started in the direction you need to go.

Good luck,

Ed Garcia