Ed Beckley ? What is your favorite? - Posted by GIL

Posted by Bill Gatten on January 21, 2001 at 16:02:56:

Gil in all defference, and with no disrespect to Georgef (posting below): with the exeption of mine (which I have no interest in further defending), please disregard JT Reed’s assessments of the so-called gurus (read his tax materials though, they’re quite good).

Beckly…I don’t know…but I’d surmise you could get a thousand times more information by just reading what’s available here on CREO than you would by buying a 10 year old course (although if it was good 10 years ago, it’s probably worth the money. With the exception of tax law, respective values, client sophistication and market climate, and there having been no PACTrust back then, not much has changed).

Bill Gatten

Ed Beckley ? What is your favorite? - Posted by GIL

Posted by GIL on January 21, 2001 at 11:29:41:

Anybody, know much about Ed Beckley.
I stopped by a garage sale and there are two course by Ed Beckley for sale.

The courses are: Ed Beckley, A FORTUNE IN FORECLOSURES 4 audios and a work book
and another course called NO DOWN PAYMENT 15 audios and a work book.

The guy wanted $25 for the Fortune course and $40 for the No Down payment course, Apparently the material is from the 1980’s. The guy said he paid big bucks for it and that the ideas are still good.

Should I bother?
What is your favorite course,… anybody? What is the most helpful?