Earthquake gas shut-off valve - Posted by Mike (L.A., CA)

Posted by Roger on February 10, 2002 at 19:26:50:

I found this?

Implementation of the Los Angeles City ordinance to require the installation of a seismic gas shutoff valve prior to close of escrow has been postponed until February 1, 2002. The ordinance was to originally be effective December 29, 2001.

Any property subject to the ordinance that is currently in escrow or is entered into escrow no later than January 31, 2002 will be subject to the existing ordinance which requires installation of the valve within one year of close of escrow.

Escrows opened February 1, 2002 or after will be required to install the valve prior to close.

Call the Gas Company, they maintain a list of plumbers qualified to do the installation. I did it about a year ago, seem to remember it was about $150.

I’m in escrow right now, opened 1/4/02, will close 2/13/02, I just made it under the line, don’t have to do the install.

Don’t know how they are going to enforce the law. Probably the same way they do the water certification now. An authorized person goes out, inspects and issues a certification to escrow.

Wait till you get wacked with transfer tax and title insurance here in LA, the whole concept of buying at a discount starts to make more sense.

Good Luck, Roger.

Earthquake gas shut-off valve - Posted by Mike (L.A., CA)

Posted by Mike (L.A., CA) on February 10, 2002 at 17:12:22:

Is it correct that in Los Angeles City it is now required to have an earthquake gas shut-off valve installed before the close of escrow? I’m buying a prop. in L.A. and escrow agent faxed me over a copy of this new ordinance from L.A. Building and Safety.

If so, how much this cost? Any suggestions on who to use? Does the city actually verify that it has been installed? Thanks