Earn about 8% return of your investment, +plus 10% - 15% referral commission

Invest and earn passively at Global Invest Assets Limited Company with as low as $100 for a starter with 10% Referral bonus on each investor you referred.+plus $10 instant registration bonus. In other words, Global Invest Assets Limited Company offers everyone who wishes to have stable extra earnings in the long term to invest in our platform. Once you make a deposit, you will start getting daily interest and continue earnings until your investment duration expires. After that you can either withdraw your deposit or invest it again for another term to continue getting daily interest.
VISIT: globalinvestassets.com

:blue_heart: BASIC PLAN​:blue_heart:
1.2% daily for 120 days
:coin:Min Dep = $100
:coin:Max Dep = $1000
Referral Commission = 10%

:blue_heart: REGULAR PLAN​:blue_heart:
1.6% daily for 105 days
:coin:Min Dep = $2000
:coin:Max Dep = $12000
Referral Commission = 10%

:blue_heart: PREMIUM PLAN :blue_heart:
8% Weekly for 14 weeks + your capital
:coin: Min Dep = $15,000
:coin:max Dep = $50000
Referral Commission = 10%

:blue_heart: RETIREMENT PLAN​:blue_heart:
10% monthly for Lifetime
:coin:Min Dep = $30,000
:coin:Max Dep = $1000000
Referral Commission = 15%

:blue_heart: REAL ESTATE :blue_heart:
25% monthly for 30 months
:coin:Min Dep = $50,000
:coin:Max Dep = $1,000,000
Referral Commission = 15%

:blue_heart: GOLD MINING :blue_heart:
50% Monthly for 24 months
:coin:Min Dep = $100,000
:coin:Max Dep = $50,000,000
Referral Commission = 15%


Bonus details
:rainbow: Free registration
:rainbow: Instant withdrawals
:rainbow: $10 registration bonus
:rainbow: Zero charges
:rainbow: 24/7 active customer support service
:rainbow: Ref. commission 10%-15%
:rainbow: Trusted and reliable
:rainbow: Legit


Great opportunity for you investment, GOODLUCK!!


I have received my withdrawal direct to my wallet, thanks for sharing. I recommend. :100: :100:


Good idea bro, i have just started earning.
I was assigned to a new advisor, Elina. thanks


My first withdrawal have being sent into my wallet, I’m happy.

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This platform is nothing but a blessing to me, i am really happy to come across it, I have being making money even with use of my referral link, Today again i received my withdrawal directly to my wallet. THANKS.


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Wow this is total amazing too, I have received my withdrawal just directly into my wallet within a short period of time.I am happy. Global Invest Assets is a good company.


Global Invest Assets i say good thanks to you people for bring out this investment opportunity, even though i don’t have enough when i started but with the use of my referral link, i did make i lot dollars $ and now i am proud of $3000 interest return weekly. i am really happy i came across this in my needy time. Great Thanks For The Company. :100: :100:

This an amazing opportunity, thanks for sharing, i have being earning since i joined this platform.

Great investment company with a good referral payout.


Yes this has being profitable company for my and my families ever since we started investing with them.

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Global Invest Assets Ltd - Sign Up


Paying, i have received my first pay out directly into my wallet. Thanks.

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hi i think It sounds like you’re presenting an investment opportunity that offers an 8% return on investment along with a referral commission of 10% to 15%. It’s important to note that any investment opportunity involves risks, and it’s crucial to thoroughly research and understand the terms, conditions, and potential risks before investing. Additionally, ensure that the opportunity is legitimate and regulated by the appropriate authorities. If you’re considering investing, it’s recommended to consult with a financial advisor or professional who can provide personalized advice based on your financial situation and goals.


Good investment program.
i have received my 4th withdrawal directly into my wallet.
I recommend any investor here too.

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Yes it is an investment company registered and verified with a company number, you can check it out online, its plotted against the coming bullrun investment.


That’s a good idea, anyone can earn through invitation using his/her referral link for about 10% - 15% referral commission.

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