does anyone know....... - Posted by cheryl

Posted by RR Smith on November 12, 2000 at 01:00:07:

thanks for the post on engr.'s will do…

does anyone know… - Posted by cheryl

Posted by cheryl on November 11, 2000 at 02:01:38:

hi, i live in dallas, texas and was wondering if anyone has any good experiences with "AFFORDABLE FOUNDATION REPAIR, they are out of garland…they have given me the best quote so far, and lifetime warranty, but this is my first time to get foundation work and i would like to know if anyone has used them, heard of them; good, bad or ugly…or if anyone could refer me to someone else they have used with satisfaction…thank you so much…cheryl.

Re: does anyone know… - Posted by Jose

Posted by Jose on November 11, 2000 at 20:18:24:


I have not heard of them, maybe because I’m in Austin.

However, when I do foundation repairs I always get an
engineer to take a look at the foundation first and
obtain written instructions and specifications from
engineer as to what is needed to accomplish the repairs correctly and to meet code.

Then I pick 3 to 6 foundation companies and fax them
a copy of the specifications. Ask them for a bid in
accordance with specs. Also, state that my engineer will be performing the inspections. Inclusive, I add that there is no payment until the engineer performs and approves the first inspection. First inspection should take place right after the holes are dug or drilled for the new piers. Ask the engineer to let you know when he wants to do inspections. Also, ask for a
copy of their transferable warranty.

True, an engineer costs $250. to $500., however this money has always been well spend and has saved me over $1,000.00 on bids from contractors. Also, has kept the
contractors more honest and at the same time added more security that the foundation work has been done correctly. This also helps when selling, financing, or refinancing the property.

This takes a little longer and has never cost me more than the norm.

Hope this helps.


PS: The going price for piers for concrete slab foundations are $350. for outside piers and $450. for
inside piers plus $50. if they have to break concrete
in order to dig or drill the holes.