Does an MLS list cost anything???? - Posted by jim

Posted by Brent_IL on February 24, 2002 at 09:13:43:

Being a real estate agent is a job. Most jobs have an hourly wage or billing rate. The major difference with a straight commission job is that the salesman is not paid for showing up at the job site or directly for his efforts once he or she is there. A commissioned RE salesman is paid only when a sale, as defined in the listing contract, is completed. They aren’t looking for a piece of the action, as Ed said, they want a favor and a commission in return for their efforts on your behalf.

Agents have the same number of hours in a week as everyone else. If they waste their time with folks who are unable, unwilling, or lack courage to buy a house, the agent will soon join the ranks of ex-real estate agents.

When you have a track record the agents will try to help you because they want your business.

When you talk to an agent you have to have a specific game plan in mind. A vague statement of goals is like a wish-list. If you say, “I want to buy real estate under FMV with no money out-of-pocket, and with the seller paying all transaction costs,” the reply will be, “Don’t we all” as you are being shown to the door.

I’ve seen estimates that only 3-5% of the people who make a start to buy CRE actually buy a house. Most of them are talked out of the creative part.

Driving prospects to houses, especially large numbers of houses is one thing that takes up a lot of an agent’s time.

Remember the admonition that you are not looking for houses that you can buy. The MLS is full of them. Your search is for sellers that want to sell, and will sell to you because you are fixing something in their life that they perceive as a problem.

Find one area that interests you and start with that. You can learn from your own experience, of the experience of others. The collective RE experience on site is worth a thousand lifetimes for most folks.

Does an MLS list cost anything??? - Posted by jim

Posted by jim on February 23, 2002 at 23:13:21:


I was wondering if an MLS list costs you anything and can you just go to your local real estate agency to get one? Thank you for any resonse


Re: Does an MLS list cost anything??? - Posted by Ed Reilly

Posted by Ed Reilly on February 23, 2002 at 23:41:31:

The MLS is only accessible to Realtors(r). Some agencies may be willing to give you access to it, but remember that they are doing it, most likely, in the hopes that they will be profiting from you buying a house. If you can find someone willing to give you listings, that is great, but remember that they are doing you a favor, and you should expect to owe one in return.

Re: Does an MLS list cost anything??? - Posted by Brent_IL

Posted by Brent_IL on February 23, 2002 at 23:37:20:

It doesn’t cost you anything, but an agent will not want to bother unless he or she feels that you might become a prospect at some point down-the-road.

When you can explain clearly what it is that you want, and why you want it, the agents will be willing to spend time at the computer for you.

It’s counter-productive to try and bluff your way through it. Explain that you are trying to learn and will do the work involved in checking out the properties. Don?t ask them to drive you around.

Re: Does an MLS list cost anything??? - Posted by Brian, WI

Posted by Brian, WI on February 24, 2002 at 04:28:07:

You say to explain to the agent what it is you want do to…Sorry for the silly question, but what is it you want to do? Are you telling the agent you invest in real estate and to keep them from spending too much time with you at each possible property, they give you a list and you do drive-bys and if a property looks like you want to investigate further, then have the agent get you inside then if you buy they will get a piece of the pie?

If that is the case, what do you tell the agent you are looking for(fixer-uppers, “pretty” houses, etc.), or what would be a good property to look for in this case.


Brian, WI