Discounted Notes Courses/Info (long) - Posted by B. P.

Posted by Chuck on May 04, 2002 at 11:44:58:

Discounted Notes Courses/Info (long) - Posted by B. P.

Posted by B. P. on May 03, 2002 at 22:27:25:

I live in FL.

To give you some idea about where I am coming from…

I have read Lonnie Scruggs’ book re: buying/selling mobiles at least 6 times.
I have read a book by Laurence Pino “Cash In on Cash Flow”, which is really just an introduction to the cash flow industry in very general terms, at least 3 times.

What I am interested in is putting the two together. But, I don’t yet have the knoweledge I need to do it properly.

My goal is to partner with someone that buys/sells mobile homes and then once the note has seasoned for 6 mos, I would like to purchase the note at a reaonable discount, which will allow the selling to purchase another mobile home and I would assume the risk on the note paying out to term.

I realize that I may be oversimplifying the process, but that is the approach I would like to take.

Is anyone else doing this?
How did you learn to put the two together?

Is there a course that includes educational information and the legal forms and strategies that will allow a novice to get started, or would I be better suited to do the first deal through an attorney?

Any insight, advice or assitance will be appreciated.