Dirk - Posted by Tony-VA

Posted by Dirk Roach on June 22, 1999 at 16:21:02:

Hi Tony,
It sounds like your about to make the same mistake that I made a while back. Crews are a pain. I had a crew of three people. Wow sounds great, unfortunately what it meant was I had three people to complicate my life and give me gray hair. Now I have one woman who cleans my Mobiles.
Everyone I know who are in the Mobile Home Game here in Southern CA do this. They buy mobile home X, for whatever, and then have their crew go through them extensively. Then they sell them for these really long term notes.
However at the same time I have mobile homes next door to one of these others (both for sale) and have literally sold mine first.
Most of these folks who do the rehab really go through and pull up floors to replace roofs etc.
Me here is what I do and what seems to work for me.
Cosmetic Rehabbing only (and this is only sometimes.)
1.) wash and wax exterior
2.) clean up the yard. Make it look pretty.
3.) Clean carpets (I use a steam cleaner) or if carpets or too bad I have them replaced with good quality Used Carpet.
4.) Clean the inside. Everywhere! Even inside cupboards.
5.) I paint if I can’t avoid it, However I usally paint the outside trim so it looks good.
And that is about it. I just like to make them look cherry. When Mr. or Mrs. Jones drive up I want them to fall in love with the dream of them actually “owning” this home. I want to be able to then fulfill that dream.
Good Luck to you and yours,

Dirk - Posted by Tony-VA

Posted by Tony-VA on June 22, 1999 at 06:17:07:

Using Lonnie’s suggestions for marketing, our phone has been ringing off the hook. My frustration is that, so far, no one is biting. The homes are in true Lonnie condition. We have just purchased 2 more on Sunday and have not yet had an opportunity to clean them up even a little. I have gone through the terms, explaining that I will do fix up but that the costs of hiring a contractor will make the deal more expensive. Most people advise that they would be willing to do the repairs in return for terms that I am offering. It has been a very short period of time but many many people have called and stopped by the homes. I am wondering if I should try some of the Kevin Myer’s (Buy it, fix it, sell it) techniques and atleast put some money into them to pretty them up a bit. Some need expensive repairs, others not so expensive. I am just curious as to your general M.O. I know that you have some crews that do painting, clean up etc. I will continue to market my homes throughout the cleanup process and continue to offer terms that reflect the unfinished work. Your input, as always, is appreciated. Talk to you later Dirk.