Difference Between Courses? - Posted by Jill

Posted by Mike on March 18, 2002 at 24:41:43:

Apples and oranges I would say. If you are going to just buy a course Ron Legrand and Carlton Sheets are comparable in price and content. Once you buy Ron’s course you will be in his database and he will begin to inundate you with offers. (That’s not necesarily a bad thing). Carlton has I believe max 2 upsells after you buy the course. I started with Carlton Sheets, and I have been with Ron Legrand as well. Ron has seminars that are very informative. However Carlton has not done a real estate deal for years now to my knowledge, and Ron Legrand would like you to believe he is still doing deals, however since he speaks somewhere in the USA nearly every weekend when does he find the time? I think he does alot more Joint venturing with other people to do his deals for him using his name but he is not out in the trenches. What you are looking for is a course written by someone in the business, doing the business, in todays marketplace, there are lots of them, and most of them cost way less than Ron Legrand, and Carlton Sheets.

Difference Between Courses? - Posted by Jill

Posted by Jill on March 17, 2002 at 20:05:52:

Hello! What is the difference between Carlton Sheets course and Ron LeGrand’s courses and which is better for a person with no knowledge about investing and real estate?

Re: Difference Between Courses? - Posted by Aaron (IA)

Posted by Aaron (IA) on March 18, 2002 at 09:27:55:

I have the Carleton Sheets course and 4-5 Ron LeGrand courses and it is my opinion that Ron’s stuff is far superior. Superior in content and superior in the usefulness of the info. BTW- a very large percentage of the offers that Ron will send you are for GREAT products, and of course that’s all they are, offers, you can always pass.