Developing Your Creativity - Posted by Steven Ransom

Posted by Woody on March 14, 2011 at 14:49:00:

Failure is not an option it is a result of pushing the edge and being creative. If you are not pushing yourself to the edge of success and failure, you are not pushing hard enough. Like it or not you have to fail to succeed. If someone tells you different, they are only trying to sell you something.

Developing Your Creativity - Posted by Steven Ransom

Posted by Steven Ransom on March 10, 2011 at 21:16:33:

Creaqting a Postitive State of Mind. to develop cretivity you must believe in yourself and your abilites. You can never become ceative by thinking negatively or by thinking of failure. If you tell yourself that somthing can’t be done (like buying property without cash or credit) or that it can’t be done by you, then chances are that you won’t do it, and your belief will have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It take work to undo negativity that’s been imposed on us society and to teach ourselves to live creative lives. Teaching yourself to become creative involves two parallel exercises creating a postive state of mind or mental attitude and developing ingenuity. the first exercise deals with the subconscious mind, the second deals with the conscious.

In addition to creating a positive state of mind, you should develop a belif that every problem has multiple solutions and that you’re capable of figuring out what they are.

Once you start to believe that you are indeed a creative person, you will find yourself generating ideas in all aspect of your life that you would not have believd possible before. Such ideas can affect not only your real estate investment career, but your daily life as well.

Re: Developing Your Creativity - Posted by Woody

Posted by Woody on March 13, 2011 at 21:20:12:

I would also submit that you need to fail to succeed. Ask anyone who is successful. It is good to be self motivated but to push the edge brings on the fear of failure. The ticket is to take the energy of the fear and channel into you venture. And if you fail, you stand up and push on again, taking note of your corrected direction, realizing you are on the path to success.

Re: Developing Your Creativity - Posted by Steven Ransom

Posted by Steven Ransom on March 14, 2011 at 02:01:31:

When you think about it, it’s really no wonder most people do not live creative lives. after all, sociecty seems to stifle whatever natural creative abilitiesd we do have at a very young age. We are taught to conform to rules especially in the conven tional, controlled academic environments in which most of us grow up, In school, we are often tos to think the way that most people think and do what we are told without question. Instead of being encouraged to think creatively, we are often told that there is only one right answer to a question. We are told to get in line, to be logical or practical, and warned not to rock the boat (…so to say) or be foolish. tis training pays off in the worst possible way. By the time we reach adulthood, our creativity has either been completely subdued or has never develoed at all. We act the way we’ve been programmed to aact that is, conventionally.

Even as adults, the reinforcment to act that way continuesd, not in the structured manner imposed in our school years, but more ssubtly, alomst undetectaby, by the norms set by our families, our neighborhoods, our communties, and our bosses, If we don’t follow those norms, we are made to feel isloated and might even be chastised until we give in and do things the same way everyone else does.

Finally, we end up like laboratory rats, conditioned to respond the way someone else want us to. it can be difficult to buck the system that tries to fits us into it mold but its not impossible. To break out of its grip, you need to turn your back on the negtative influeneces in your life and bravely take steps to develop your innate creativity.