Depreciation and self directed IRA's - Posted by Bill

Posted by Diane (TX) on February 26, 2003 at 08:24:01:


Depreciation and self directed IRA’s - Posted by Bill

Posted by Bill on February 25, 2003 at 21:05:57:

Could anyone clarify how depreciation is calculated when someone owns a property in a self directed IRA?
How does the depreciation on a rental propery pass through to the owner of the IRA, or does it?
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P’ship can allocate tax bens - Posted by John Merchant

Posted by John Merchant on February 26, 2003 at 09:50:02:

A partnership can be formed, the SDIRA being one partner and one or more individuals being the other partners; the non-IRA partners CAN take the depreciation and deductions as part of their benefits, although of course the SDIRA partner can’t use those.

Typically the SDIRA partner supplies the cash down payment. The other partners sign the note to the bank.