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I have lot for sale which has been Biophilicly designed. It is breaking many new tests in our world and it is more than a money maker. To exceed net zero on this 3 condo 6 suite project that allows nature to sustain its self by 70% with out even adding solar panels is a break through for any Calgary Canada. I hope you might have a Biophilic thinking person to buy my property and also learn my science and carry it forward. I have many interesting write ups on it and I can talk to any professional who wants more answers. Here is the MLS Number but the real information is that the schematics of this project will prove to any professional engineer what is really here. Unlike many projects with things to hide I am an open book and have a manual I would like to share with you if your interested. On the money side there is a 1/2 million to make here in about 3 to 4 months. Tom

MLS® Number: A1184259
realtor.ca is the best site yet since I am selling myself you need to call me directly
403-243-0366 land
403-650-3829 cell

What do you mean by “biophilic” - do you mean it’s close to nature? Or is it like a passive house?

Hello Dora, actually biophhilic contains both nature and passive. It also includes a green footprint and net zero. A breathable house is also a healthy house, like the healthiest. Basically in money it means way less to operate and maintain. Even takes into account taxes and city laws. I’m also an ADU Realestate class professional and this project even has an R3 zoning capability in a very sought out part of Calgary. At this time Calgary’s Realestate market is catching up to Vancouver and Toronto. Canada’s biggest cities are growing right now very fast. Yet all over the world we are seeing that building’s with low energy bills are definitely worth looking at. Tom

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