CS online order (a joke?) - Posted by jsn

Posted by Russ Whitney Consultant on April 10, 2001 at 08:43:49:


Your situation is understandable, you are about to burst at the seems because you can finally see something that can help you, and your families future, but you just can?t get your hands on it. In your shoes, I would probably feel the same way.

Although you may want to hear this but, sometimes, things like this happen. From a customer service standpoint, the people on the other end of the phone sincerely want to get the product out to you, but in your situation, it?s just not working out that way. Just don?t take it personal, just take a deep breathe, trust me, it helps. I mean, you?ve waited your whole life for something like this to come along, what?s a few more days.

Here?s some advice I can give you, from an experienced company?.

  1. If the charge still has not been posted to your account as of today, call them back. Ask them if it has been charged and if you should be expecting the charge anytime soon. If they have NOT charged it, ask them to cancel the order, and re-order the package online. Be sure to enter the correct information this time?:slight_smile: Call them back after the order is placed, and let them know that the package is on it?s way. Sometimes they will even throw in a little something for free for your troubles if you ask, but you never know unless you do.
  2. If the charge has been posted to your account, call them back and ask for a tracking # on the package. This way you will be able to track the package to your door!

I hope this helps you get your materials faster?..Don?t give up and don?t get mad?.trust me, it?s nothing personal!

Russ Whitney Consultants

CS online order (a joke?) - Posted by jsn

Posted by jsn on April 08, 2001 at 19:14:31:

After some consideration, I decided to order the CS program via the website. That was on the 27th of March. Let me tell you about the confusion that has followed.

I believe the 27th was a Thur. or Fri. I placed the order, choosing the 3 payment plan, and then to my suprise I got a call that weekend from the ordering center. Some woman left me a message stating that there was a problem with my card, and left me a number to call. So I call, and the woman I spoke with was totally clueless. She stated that they were just the ordering center, and have no way of even making outbound calls. I explained that someone, did in fact call me from there and they did in fact leave that number. Well, after about 5 minutes of this I decided I was going to get no where.

I was next instructed to call the customer service number on monday. Which I did. During this call, it was determined that my cards expiration date was expired. Maybe I put it in wrong on the website. That is possible, and certainly not the issue at hand. I gave her the correct number, and she stated that I would be charged that day, and the package would ship out and arrive by friday.

I bank online and am able to monitor my account. By thursday of last week, I still had not even been charged for the f-in thing. So, I called again. This time it was determined that they had made a mistake and not released the hold on my account. She apologized and said that my account would be corrected and I would be charged and the item shipped out by friday. Well lo, it is now sunday and my account has still not been even charged.

How many times do I have to call and beg for them to sell me the course??? I am very excited to get it. But this is getting a little annoying. Anyone else have such problems?

Just curious.