Credit score question - Posted by RJ

Posted by wes on September 23, 2004 at 18:32:39:

I am no credit expert here, but one thing I do belive is true in your case.

Credit scores are calculated primarily (approximately 33% each, but a higher % towards your payment history) looking at:

  1. your amount of credit available
  2. the length of time you have had that credit
  3. your payment history

In your case, a zero balance improves (2), does not improve (1) or (3).

If you do put a balance on your credit card and pay the amount due “on time”, it will improve (3) and as long as you stay below that 30% or so of your credit limit, it will not hurt (1).

Hope that is not confusing…

Also, if you pay an extra payment after your card “due date” but before the next “statement date”(approximately 8-10 days in between), we have seen dramatic increases in credit scores (as much as 30-50 points in only a couple of months). No guarantee, not sure exactly why, but just stating what I have seen happen…

Credit score question - Posted by RJ

Posted by RJ on September 23, 2004 at 15:18:23:

My mid FICO is 651. We are current on our mortgage and my credit card has a zero balance. If I do use my card, I will definitely keep the balance at below 30% of my maximum available credit limit.

Assuming everything stays the same for the next 6 months, can I realistically expect my score to be at least 680 or higher? Thanks to all who respond!