Credit score - Posted by Jason R

Posted by Bruce Lawson on July 03, 2002 at 04:35:35:

Hi Jason,

Your score will vary from each reporting company they are independent from one another and do not share information, that is why you see an item on one report and not the other two. Generally Equifax will be the highest off the three.

To really get the information that is on your report get them from the reporting companies your score should be supplied with the transunion report. For your score to decline from negative items being deleted I think you may have thought your score was 650 on all three, and that is not the case. The law does not require creditors to report information on you, what it does require the information be accurate.

Keep an eye on your reports to assure the information does not get reinserted.

If you want to discuss the details of credit reporting contact me.


Bruce Lawson

Credit score - Posted by Jason R

Posted by Jason R on July 03, 2002 at 01:07:39:

Does disputing an item on your credit report affect your score? What about balance transfers, do they have any affect? Lastly, I checked my credit score in May and it was above 650 from equifax(i’ve got student loans and there were some errors), but I checked it 4 days ago through a different credit bureau (transunion) after I’d disputed three negative items and they were removed (all done by this bureau) and the score they had for me was 580. Could this be a typo?
I pay all of my bills on time and the only thing that has changed on my report was the three negative items being removed. I don’t understand why my score would decline like this. Any ideas?