Credit lines - Posted by Darin W.

Posted by Ed Garcia on January 25, 2001 at 19:57:51:


You say you have a credit score of 600, and approximately $200,000 in equity in your home. You know Darin, if you think that the problem is that you don’t SHOW enough income, there are lending programs for that. I feel so repetitive these days. There’s Stated Income, NIQ (no income qualifier), NIV (no income verification) No Doc, Lite Doc, Easy Doc, and on and on. If you like you can give me a call and we can talk. My number is (909) 944-0199.

Ed Garcia

Credit lines - Posted by Darin W.

Posted by Darin W. on January 25, 2001 at 13:34:41:

I have been investing for 5 years and am doing very well. I “flip” most of my properties. I have kept a few. My problem is that I’m tired of paying “Hard money” I would like to use my equity in my personal residence to buy properties. Most of the credit lines lenders that I went to like Wells & B of A want full packages. You know as a investor that is hard. I have about $200,000 in equity in my personal residence. My credit is low 600 because of the houses I have in my name. Which I will change soon to Trusts. How can I use this money that just sites their. I can make a great return on that money. Thank you in advance.