Creature comforts - Posted by MikeT/nc

Posted by Brenda (OH) on July 03, 2010 at 13:46:10:

the difference between rent a center big screen and when they buy one… rent a center takes the box away!

Brenda (OH)

Creature comforts - Posted by MikeT/nc

Posted by MikeT/nc on July 02, 2010 at 20:21:28:

Oh those pesky tenants with their creature comforts.Back in the day when I would buy a single wide with a working central AC I thought I had something. I now find out I did. And it’s called a money pit. I figure a central Air unit will cost you at least one months rent per year on service calls,fan motors,capacitors,leaking freon, thermostats and such. I am now going to disconnect the units when I buy a new trailer or when a tenant moves out of one that has a unit. They can do like I do and stick one in the window. Except I will turn mine off when I leave the house or go to bed and I’m sure they will run theirs 24/7. I think I’ll start me a blog about being a trailer land lord. Maybe relate some human interest stories such as when the tenant took the cement blocks that support the trailer and made a grill out of it by taking the shelf out of the fridge and laying it across the top of the stacked up blocks.This was after he had burned up the motor in the fridge by keeping the door cracked open for a couple of weeks with a pigs head sticking out of it. The pig was too big to fit in the fridge. Or maybe today when I went to tell a section 8 girl that I was going to cancel her lease for being behind two months in rent. Her part of the rent is only $64. She did have enough money though to have just installed dish network and a nice rent-a-center flat screen TV. Yep, creature comforts.

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Posted by Rod on July 02, 2010 at 23:56:40:

Mike, great post ! Had to laugh, have a few tenant stories I could share also. You just could not make these stuff up… Your point about central AC is right on ! Most of my expenses are Central AC related. I am starting to think that window units are a way to go…
On my older stick built homes I had a few units go out and replaced with window units. Much cheaper and have had 3 years with out a call. Here in Texas the summer days stay in the 90’s. With The new 410A Refrigerant rules, I think window units will be going in to my mobile homes.

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Posted by shawn sisco on July 03, 2010 at 20:15:32:

I am taking a different approach regarding central ac.
With the R22 refrigerant bottlers under fed mandate to
cease sales (at the wholesale level) by 2014, coupled
with the order to cease production of R22 compatable
condensing nits in 2006, it makes more sense to change
out the system than to spend much more than the cost of
a capacitor on the old units.

I can buy a new 3ton condensing unit, a-coil, & line
set for $1350. pay $300 to have it installed, sell to
residents in my park $2750 - $250 down-&120 month for
24 months.

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Posted by Mike Scarbrough on July 03, 2010 at 10:58:04:

I bought a repo’d home once that had a very nice color T.V. with remote that was left in perfect condition. I couldn’t figure out why they would leave it and absolutely nothing else in the home. The mystery ended when, on leaving the home, I noticed a huge big screen TV box.

Don’t let repossession of your home stop you from upgrading to the biggest TV you can buy! LOL