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But first, a BIG welcome to CRE Online Expert, John
Hyre. John is an attorney, accountant, and real estate
investor. He is the co-host on our Legal Forum, where
he answers questions and participates in “lively”

This issue’s Feature Article:

“You, Dealing?”

Why is being classified as a “Dealer” as opposed
to an “Investor” important? And, what is the
difference, anyway? Turns out, a lot.

Our Legal Forum host, John Hyre sheds some light
and offers two practical solutions for real
estate investors who want to minimize and defer
their taxes. Check it out!

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New Home Study Courses for Investors:

Real Estate Investor’s KISS Guide to Bookkeeping

Save thousands of dollars in taxes EVERY Year!
Good bookkeeping is the most underrated way to
hammer the IRS and save thousands on your tax

Tax attorney, accountant, and real estate
investor, John Hyre, shows you exactly how to do
it, year after year, EVERY year.

Real Estate Investor’s KISS Guide to Entities

Simply and easily–how to select, set up, and
maintain the correct entity for YOUR real estate
investing business.

The Real Estate Investor’s KISS Guide to Entities
focuses on universal principles, applicable across
the U.S. AND provides all the state-specific
documents you need to set up and run YOUR entity
in YOUR state.

Upcoming Webinar:

“Unlocking the Free Money Vault”

I’ve asked America’s “Free Money” expert, Chris
Johnson, to teach a training webinar for CRE
Online Subscribers. Chris has the keys to the
“Free Grant Money” vault, and he’s going to share
his secrets.

He’s going to tell us how to find, apply for, and
secure FREE government grant money for real estate
investing, other businesses, even education.

I’ll be sending the complete details to our
Subscribers this Sunday, March 20th, so watch for
my email and reserve your spot right away.

The webinar is free to Subscribers, but space is

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