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NEW Blog Articles

“A Super-Motivated Seller - The Burned-Out Landlord”

 Are you ready to go out and find some houses to
 buy? Marketing for burned-out landlords is one way
 to connect with truly motivated sellers. This is
 true "guerrilla marketing" because it's very cheap
 and very effective.

“International Investors Jump into the U.S Market, Why Not You?”

 Lately, real estate investors from all over the
 globe are using their "moxie" to seize investment
 opportunities on American soil. But what exactly
 is it they see, and what does it mean for you?

Visitor Success Story

“A Real Estate Success Story? You Decide…”

 No doubt about it. Lynda Hamid is one savvy
 investor. Lynda is a true example of how a small-
 scale, solid "buy & hold" strategy can make for a
 beautiful retirement.

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