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NEW Feature Article:

“Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence: Financial Analysis”

 Due diligence is something that we know is
 important, but we dread doing it. But if you cut
 corners or rush, you'll regret it later. 

 As a buyer, it's your job to ferret out the
 information the seller doesn't volunteer or
 doesn't know, so you can make an intelligent
 decision about that deal.

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New Blog Article:

“Fire Your Bank and Set Yourself Free”

 When you eliminate bank financing from your
 investing strategies, you will be liberated to buy
 as many houses as you want without using any of
 your own money. Won't that get you off to a great
 start in 2012?

 Find out from our guest blogger, Jim Ingersoll,
 three reasons why you should fire your bank this

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