Corporation Exit Strategy???? - Posted by RobS(FLA)

Posted by Mike on March 04, 2002 at 15:39:22:

Well Almost anything can be worked out if you have 2 things you can come to terms and agree on. 1. Determine What the split (On the profit is) is in concrete 10% 5% 50% whatever it is get that in writing. 2. Agree on how and what accounting methods will be used to determine profit. with those 2 items spelled out clearly then all others can be resolved pretty easily. I have been working in a partnership now for 3 years and it is working fine because we have those 2 questions clearly ironed out.

Corporation Exit Strategy??? - Posted by RobS(FLA)

Posted by RobS(FLA) on March 04, 2002 at 15:16:19:

Hello all,

I have been reading just about every post for the past few months, and it seems that if there is a RE question, this is the place to ask it.

I was wondering if those of you that have partners, have an exit strategy if and when a partner wants out?

It appears that it could get pretty sticky trying to figure out a partners “piece” of a business that buys/holds income properties as well as doing Flips.

I am just starting out, and I have a few people that may be intrested in joining together and forming a company, and I would like to avoid any potential points for disagreement.

Thanks in advance for any and all insight.