Construction Loan on Land Lease for RV Resort

I have a unique situation in the Southwest US. I can lock up 100+ acres in an A+ part of the country but the owners will only do a long-term ground lease. Fortunately the projected rent is quite low, a fraction of the price if we could buy and finance land nearby (which would be exrtemley difficult to find). The property would be used to build a high-end class A RV+tiny home resort. Build cost is $45m. First year rents are $10m+. First year EBITDA 38%. We are talking to a lender that will lend 75% of the build cost, leaving us with a raise of $12.5m, so that’s one potential. Ideally we would find a construction loan for 2 years and then bring in a takeout lender/investor, but I’m all ears! Thanks!