Closing on "Subject To" Deal - Posted by Paul

Posted by Terry (Houston) on October 22, 2001 at 20:11:23:

The simple answer is yes you can do it by your self.

The real question is can you do it by your self?

Are you sure you know what needs to be on a deed? A Power of Attorney is easy isn’t it? Or is it?

Having a title company do a search is easy but Joe Kaiser posted a great message about people doing their own deeds.

Just my thoughts.


Closing on “Subject To” Deal - Posted by Paul

Posted by Paul on October 22, 2001 at 19:22:56:

When closing a “Subject to” /Land Trust deal, it appears to me that the Seller and Investor/Buyer can handle the thing themselves without a title company being involved.

The only actual cost incurred, other than paying a notary to notarize the Deed and Power of Attorney, would be on the part of the buyer in recording the Deed, and having a title co. running a title search, unless he/she could do it on their own.
Am I missing anything?
Thank you,