Chicago Foreclosures - Posted by Ian Hamilton

Posted by mnc on February 10, 2006 at 10:08:04:

Friday 10 February

Yes, I did get results.

My attempts were haphazard, and the results were
less, primarily due to lack of consistency.

My suggestion would be for you to be v focused on
area and property circumstances that meet your
requirements. Having access to the FC files, you get
to see other lien info, other contact names, previous
addresses, etc, and, you are one step ahead of most.

The ones who you are not ahead of are your primary
competition. Any element of “luck” is commensurate
with your efforts.

Chicago Foreclosures - Posted by Ian Hamilton

Posted by Ian Hamilton on February 09, 2006 at 09:13:51:

So, I’ve been tracking down leads provided on the many foreclosure websites available. However, the information that I’ve been able to get off these websites is always a few weeks old and, once I track the owner down, another investor has already beat me to the punch. To me this means those other investors are clearly getting their information from another source.

Now, I know in the Cook County that the Chancery Court is the court that handles foreclosures. But, how do I access the list of lis pendens or foreclosure notices? Is that information available online or do I have to go down to the courthouse? Can somebody provide some direction here? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


Re: Chicago Foreclosures - Posted by mnc

Posted by mnc on February 09, 2006 at 10:19:03:

Thursday 9 February 2006


You need to go to the 8th floor, room 802. Midway
down the counter is where you get access to the FC

Cook County is not very current when it comes to
researching those files any other way, yet. But it is
a few steps closer than everyone else who buys the
same lists. The lists are created from those files.

Good luck.