CARIBBEAN? - Posted by Rod

Posted by Rod on October 06, 2005 at 08:39:53:

I?m an American that has owned fishing boats in the past. In the early ninety?s after a long-term marriage failed and all lost, I was offered a captains job in the West Indies. Once my divorce was finale I remarried a lady on the island. By doing this I became a citizen.

I?m looking for someone that would like to invest on this island. People would pay $1000?s plus per week in order to visit this jewel of the sea. It is absolutely a paradise with lovely unspoiled natives and landscapes that are fantastic!

I do not have funds to put this together but by being a citizen, I have the means to do all we need. I know this island well and all the connections to put anything together. The gentleman that I fished for while on the island now is the Governor General.

On this island because of it?s unspoiled non-commercial location movies have been filmed such as, ?Pirates of the Caribbean?, ?White Squaw?. The potential for the true adventurer is wide open and with my connections becoming a resident is possible.

If you?re looking for something to invest in with adventure and unlimited opportunities to make some money, let?s talk.