Can someone help me? - Posted by Cappy

Posted by Bill Gatten on November 07, 1998 at 22:19:16:


I would suggest starting by putting an ad in you local newspaper (and on the radio, if your can afford it) and merely offering your home or office telephone number for those interested. When they do call, you let them know that it is a new (charter) group. You’ll need to be ready, of course, with a specific date, time and meeting place. Don’t plan on a flood at first… if you get 4 or 5, that’s good… and remember that only half of those who say they?ll be there, will actually show up. And even they will show only if you call them and remind them, the day before). A local coffee shop is usually sufficient for your first meeting (It’ll be a small one): early AM (7:00 or 8:00) is usually best, because the people you’ll want to associate with are most likely early risers.

At your first meeting (with say the 3-4 people you’ve attracted, assign each one the responsibility of bringing a new member the next week, and each one of those to bring a new member the following week, and so on.
Next, you line up a series of interesting speakers on the subject Real Estate Investing… you’d be surprised at the quality of the people who will be willing to speak at your group (to sell a book, a seminars, a property, whatever).

The first half should be devoted to networking, the second half-hour should be devoted to your speaker and five final minutes devoted to a wrap-up and Q&A.

Some don?ts:

Don’t try to be formal for at least the first four meetings. Leave it loose and conversational

Don’t ask anyone to help you for at least the first two to three weeks… let everyone get settled in and learn who you can depend upon to be there
Don’t think about dues and contributions for at least four or five weeks, though the issued should be broached in the third week.
Don’t fail to call each attendee before the meeting to remind of them of the place and time (although it?s the same place and time every week.

Don’t try meeting in a member’s office because it?s cheaper… always keep it where the doughnuts and coffee are at your beck and call.

Good luck!


Can someone help me? - Posted by Cappy

Posted by Cappy on November 03, 1998 at 05:41:07:

Hello! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to start a real estate investment club? There isnt one in northern Delaware, so I want to start one. Any help and/or members that would like to join me would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.