Can I use more than one realtor? - Posted by ErickaD

Posted by Bigfoot on April 02, 2006 at 16:23:45:

Any Realtor within a region can access any other Realtors’ listings with the MLS. Look for the one who understands what you as an investor needs.

Can I use more than one realtor? - Posted by ErickaD

Posted by ErickaD on April 01, 2006 at 08:34:14:

Well, can I? I am working late hours, 7 days a week until April 15th. I am seriously considering using a realtor in helping me find deals since I want to get started buying properties to flip and also hold long-term before it gets consistently warm here in Chicago, which could be May or June depending on the weather.

I know of a realtor that started a real estate group and he is young and really knows and pushes one area here in Chicago that is an older neighborhood not necessarily near my house, but that is experiencing new investor interest. I also know an older more experienced realtor that spoke at one of the investor meetings. The more experienced realtor is closer to my house and I think that she might be more familiar with the area that I would want to invest in initially. I haven’t approached either one yet, because I already started sending out mailings from a foreclosure listing service to directly market to the residents of these houses.