California Investing? - Posted by EthanV

Posted by James Strange on July 15, 2002 at 21:03:28:

I think that you are confusing not profitable and negative cash flow. In a lot of areas in California (not all) the rent is less than the mortgage payment but the value of the property can rise drastically. The problem is that every month you have to fork out real dollars while waiting for the property to go up in value.

So what do you do? Keep looking and when you can buy something at a distressed price that will cover the payment then buy. Or buy rough houses in good areas, clean them up then sale.

Every where some will tell you that that will not work here. If you believe them then it will not work, If you don’t believe them then it may work it is up to you.

California Investing? - Posted by EthanV

Posted by EthanV on July 15, 2002 at 18:54:04:


I just bought Carlton Sheets course and have gone over it. I’m interested in R.E.I. but don’t know if it’s profitable in California. Carlton mention in one of his course that for certain state with high real estate price like New York and California. It is not profitable becaue the real estate are high and doesn’t have a profitable rent return.

I was wondering if anybody have experience in R.E.I. in California. If it was profitable using creative financing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.