buying without job history - Posted by sherida

Posted by nelson on March 05, 2004 at 18:41:09:

If you have “great credit” you can probably qualify for a NINA, no income, no assets loan. Understand, this is a sub-prime loan and interests rates will be higher than the norm. Call any sub-prime lender.

buying without job history - Posted by sherida

Posted by sherida on March 05, 2004 at 16:11:12:

is there any way someone like me, who wants to buy real estate to rent or fix up and resell, can buy real estate.
I am a stay-at-home mom and have been for the past four, almost five, years. I was doing real estate appraisals for two years, but only part-time, as a sub-contractor. I didn’t make much money doing that as it was only part time.
I have just recently opened my own retail store, but it’s probably only made about $2000 in a matter of 3 months.
I do however have great credit. are there any suggestions??
thank you,

Re: buying without job history - Posted by brian

Posted by brian on March 05, 2004 at 23:57:43:

if you have great credit you shouldnt have a problem (if you have money for a downpayment/closing costs)

you can use hardmoney and then resell for a profit or rent out.

or go with a no-doc, no income verification (which i use because i’m self employed)

each have their good/bad points…
in terms of the hardmoney lender it would all depond on where you are located as hardmoney lenders are gererally local and for the no-doc loan most mortgage companies and banks offer them…