Buying knowledge acquired as a Seller... - Posted by John(NH)

Posted by John OH on November 04, 1998 at 02:45:30:

So what did you learn? That even though a seller advertises “flexible” he might not be? I don’t think a first discussion offer of 85% of appraised value should offend any seller, especially someone that has any knowledge of real estate.

If you’re going to spend any time in this business, you’ll hear a lot of things that can offend you. Might as well get over it now.

Buying knowledge acquired as a Seller… - Posted by John(NH)

Posted by John(NH) on November 02, 1998 at 11:28:12:

Had this happen to me yesterday and taught me a lesson,
so I thought I’d share. I’m selling my personal residence.
It was appraised 2 months ago for 95k. I put an ad in the
paper: "1 at , owner flexible. .
Appraised at 95k. Quick. "

This caller started asking about the location, then about
the ‘owner flexible part’. I responded it just appraised
at 95k, and I’m looking for a reasonable offer’. He
replied ‘What’s reasonable, like 80k?’ 10 seconds and he was

Now of course, I was offended. Especially in this hot
market. I soon ended the conversation, and realized what
NOT to do. It made me think, “Did this guy just finish
the Carlton Sheets course?” Live and learn. The good news
is later that night I received an offer for 92k. :slight_smile: