Buying after Bankruptcy - Posted by Linda Alexander

Posted by dewCO on January 10, 2001 at 22:28:42:

S you read in the other post, most won’t finance you without getting to the discharge point, but you’ll have to check with the mobile home finaancers to see if they do it different. Owner financing would be the best for you I’d say, it will keep you away from the traditional lenders which are usually more demanding on credit, etc.

Hard to say if you should keep the old home. Can you buy and keep it? Can you manage it while you’re gone? Lots of issues to consider.

Hard money is loaned by private lenders at usually up to no more than 65% of the market value, for a short term, at much higher than market interest rates and with lots of points charged at closing.

Buying after Bankruptcy - Posted by Linda Alexander

Posted by Linda Alexander on January 10, 2001 at 11:53:06:

I read Mr. Garcia’s response to Mike(Dec.14,2000)in regards to his questions about his possible bankruptcy. My question is I declared BK and it goes to court next month. We did the reorganization type (chapter 11). We own a small older home which at the time of the BK, we owed approx.77,000. We need to move to another area because of employment. How can we get financing for a manufactured home, which would be our choice? Also should we sell or keep our older home as a rental? Lease/Buy option? Also could you explain the terms “hard money” Thank you for your help.