Buying a house while separted - Posted by Jeff Neas

Posted by John Merchant on December 15, 2002 at 19:14:45:

…as a Boy Scout would say.

For when the divorce or Marital Dissolution suit is filed and you’re interrogated, under oath, and asked: “What do you own, and where? Give full details below”. Because if I were her lawyer I’d sure ask you and you better bet that will occur.

So my advice would be to talk to your lawyer now and see how he/she might suggest you hold your money and assets between now and then. And see if there’s anything you could do to so tie your money up now, so W and her lawyer can’t reach it.

No matter what entity you might start now, and put money into, when you’re asked to divulge all info, you’ll have to do so, honestly and candidly, or lie under oath…and that’s a felony area I don’t think you want to get into.

Buying a house while separted - Posted by Jeff Neas

Posted by Jeff Neas on December 15, 2002 at 18:10:40:

My brother and I are buying a single family home for investment puposes. I live in PA and am recently separated (not legally separated)from my wife. If only my brother’s and my name are on the title, do I need to worry about any future claims to the property from my wife. And is there any special way we should take title to the property?
Thanks for any input!