Buying a home at the Sheriff's Auction - Posted by Johnnie

Posted by William R. Ashbaugh on January 22, 2001 at 01:13:26:

E Mail me to discuss your situation. I can get no doc up to 90% investor 1-4 family.

Buying a home at the Sheriff’s Auction - Posted by Johnnie

Posted by Johnnie on January 20, 2001 at 22:00:10:

There’s a homes in my neighbor that is going to be sold at the Sheriff Auction. I have check the county records on the home. There are judgements from a lender for $9600 in 11/00 and a previous judgement from the same lender for $12000 in 11/98. Also there’s an IRS lien for 595 in 95’. I have tried to contact the owner with no success. I know this property can have an appraisal of $70,000 after some repairs. I have about $17,000 in liquid asset for downpayment. My problem is financing I would like a no doc loan, because of my self employment, but there is a certain credit requirement of having a 700 FICO credit score. How do I get around this. By the way I live in Pennslyvania.