Business cards... - Posted by Derekb-PA

Posted by Steve W (WA) on June 30, 2002 at 12:02:45:

I forgot about that - V-E-R-Y important to come across that way

Business cards… - Posted by Derekb-PA

Posted by Derekb-PA on June 30, 2002 at 09:27:19:

This is what my business card is going to look like:
We Buy/Sell Used Mobile Homes For $CASH$
Refferal Fees Paid–$100

Full Name
Stroudsburg, PA 18360


The only thing that I’m a little concerned with is not having an actual company name on the card…Also wasn’t sure if I should include the refferal fee on it…Any opinions about that having any effect? It doesn’t seem like a huge deal, i guess…just curious…next step is flyers, then an test ad in the papers…then, the WORST part, actually going and making contact with the PM’s…after reading all the archive posts on PM’s, I’m a little more confident, but being shy isn’t a good trait…at least not in this business…Well, that shy s#*t is gonna have to change…maybe those Personal Power tapes will help with that…thanks in advance for any replies!

Re: Business cards… - Posted by Dick (OH)

Posted by Dick (OH) on July 01, 2002 at 07:46:04:

Derek, in your inquiry about business cards you mentioned shyness and getting started and COMFORTABLE.

You might find something of value to you within the chain of exchanges that the following post is in:

Best to you in all you do! Dick

here’s a tip - Posted by Steve W (WA)

Posted by Steve W (WA) on June 30, 2002 at 11:59:40:

Why use a business card? Why are they called that?

To give the appearance of professionalism.

Use a business name - it doesn’t have to be a registered name, but put one on there. You can do all the business in your personal name if you wish (Most would advise against that) but look professional. You have to give the appearance that you do this all the time.

Spell referral correctly.

Consider putting “mobile homes” somewhere in the beginning - "WILL FINANCE " will grab attention, but “will finance” what?

Get a PO Box - I pay $20 a year - and put it on the card as an address - otherwise, why a town and ZIP? This is VERY helpful to give to buyers so they can know where to send money! and of course, to contractors, so they know where to send a bill (which you will pay with tax sale lots!!)

Get them professionally made, single color on card stock - Kinko’s took my powerpoint-made design, and made 500 of them for ~ $22

Mine looks like this:

LOGO (top left corner)
Address (top left corner)
Mobile Homes (centered)
Buy and Sell (centered)
WILL FINANCE (centered)

Name cell# home# (All spread evenly across the bottom)

seems to work for me

Also, regarding flyers - - - too much work for me; I’d rather be buying and selling. The Little Nickel gives me MORE calls than I can handle - funny thing though, never until the 2nd week - I think I’ll put up a separate post to discuss this.

I asked this Q and experts here said - Posted by Green

Posted by Green on June 30, 2002 at 11:55:47:

KISS. Keep it simple S… :slight_smile:
I am a newbie too. and here is what I got out of experts :slight_smile:

1)We Buy/Sell Used Mobile Homes For $CASH$ …in bigger fonts and should be more visible

    Will Finance-No Banks-No Hassles

3)Referal fees- Don’t mention on the card. some people don’t like it. One of the pros here mentioned…he uses a rubber stamp. Stamp it on the back of the cards. You have the flexibility to use stamp when required. He is message says something like…“Bring me a buyer/Seller and will give you $100”. Rubber stamp gives you an option to change when ever your slogan goes out of trend. :slight_smile:

4)Use company Name- Very imp.
a)You want to show that you are a regular employee like the Park Manager and NOT THE CEO/President of the compnay. Will help you to relate with PM as he is also an employee(Most cases).
b) Will help when refering to the higher authority while negotiating.
c) Title- Under your name on the card- State you are an employee.
Investment Manager

I am a newbie, I am just refering to my notes. This is all theory for me and I have never tested it as yet. All this suggestions came from experts here. So you can trust the advice.
Also Correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

Re: Business cards… - Posted by brad

Posted by brad on June 30, 2002 at 10:45:25:

put your name up at the top and people will recognize it as the buisness. looks like too much info for a regular card, keep it simple, carful using words like financing,legality if it i don’t understand, but things like ill tote the note seem to be ok, i think im going to use that on my next card. good luck.