Burers List? - Posted by James

Posted by Rich_in_CT on May 25, 2007 at 12:21:17:

Real Estate for sale section

Subject: Fixer upper for sale (insert price here that’s way below your normal market value)

Body: Needs work, must sell quickly. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for details.

When they call tell them you are a wholesaler/birddog/whatever and that you will take down their info, what they are looking for, etc and call them when deals that fit their needs come available. You can also grab their email address so you can email all buyers that match a property when it comes available without calling each and every one.

You should also call the numbers on all We Buy Houses in your area and the similar newspaper ads.

You can also go to foreclosure auctions and get the contact info of the bidders, if they are there and bidding they are looking to buy and have some cash to buy with. If they were wannabe buyers with no cash they wouldn’t have their paddle up at a foreclosure auction.

Also, network at your local real estate investment club. You should get plenty of contacts there and your gut will help you weed out some (but not all) of the wannabes from the guys that actually buy.

Here’s a good list of REI clubs: Real Estate Clubs | REIClub (sorry for the link offsite, not sure if its allowed or not)

Burers List? - Posted by James

Posted by James on May 25, 2007 at 04:45:55:

Can any one tell me what is the quickest way I can build my buyers list?