Broker/Agent commission - Posted by currey

Posted by John Merchant on February 12, 2005 at 10:58:18:

Your lawyer could clear this quickly with a letter to the broker telling him/her that unless your 1% is sent you immediately, you’re being advised to take this matter to the RE Commissioner.

I’m thinking that broker does NOT want this to get the attention of the commissioner.

Such a letter probably’d cost you $100.

Broker/Agent commission - Posted by currey

Posted by currey on February 08, 2005 at 14:09:42:

I recently purchased a new build home. My “agent” (family) agreed to waive 2% of the 3% commission to me through the closing. I put money down on a lot and she signed waiving the 2%. However, I backed out and found something else 7 days later. Two months prior to closing my “agent” backed out of the agreement and said it wasn’t in writing. I contacted her broker and he has been of no help. My “agent” finally faxed the waiver giving me 1% to my sales agent. The form however needed the brokers signature. She stated that she faxed it to him. I have since signed on my home and the broker did not return the form. He is now stating that I have to sign a “Release of Claim” to get my 1%. I don’t feel I should sign anything as it basically states I can do nothing from this point on including talk about my experience to anyone. Please help