Blueprints & Drawings - Posted by bvmp

Posted by JPiper on December 12, 2000 at 10:42:25:

I would have to believe that there are many differences in the permit process between local jurisdictions. But if the activity requres a permit, and the permit requires a drawing, then the contractor will likely provide it.

I can’t conceive of any situation that would require an architect as an example unless perhaps you’re adding major structural elements to the property.


Blueprints & Drawings - Posted by bvmp

Posted by bvmp on December 12, 2000 at 08:42:33:

When buying a rehab, do you find that you need a blueprint or do most of you pretty much “wing it”.

I have not seen too much talk on any of the websites dealing with rehabs on blueprint drawings although I would assume for permits they are needed.

Without spending 2000 on an architect, who do you get to draw these plans…and draw them quickly.

I can conceptualize but I can barely draw stick figures so forget about drawings to scale!!

Help me out here.

Re: Blueprints & Drawings - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on December 12, 2000 at 09:29:07:

My advice to you would be that if you think you’re going to need a blueprint, don’t do the rehab. At least in the beginning (I assume this is the beginning for you).

In my opinion the idea with a rehab is to upgrade what’s there…not change it. The problem with adding things is that it can get real expensive in a hurry.

I deal with older houses. They typically need things like electrical upgrades, new plumbing, roofs, new sheetrock, etc. They ALWAYS need extensive cosmetics…carpet, tile, paint, new fixtures.

I happen to like taking out the galvanized water pipes and replacing them with copper. It’s a selling point…but nothing sells a house like cosmetics. A fancy paint job gets the oohs and ahs. They’ll walk right past the new plumbing. Paint and carpet doesn’t require a blueprint.


Re: Blueprints & Drawings - Posted by bvmp

Posted by bvmp on December 12, 2000 at 10:00:40:

I just assumed with electrical and plumbing upgrades that you would need a print to obtain a permit at least here I think you do. The only way you would not need a permit is to just paint and replace fixtures.

One of the houses that we looked at will need about 15k-20k of work and some of it I would think would need a blue print. Or at least some sort of plan besides my “conceptualization”.