Big Web Site Update! - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by Richard Roop on May 25, 2001 at 20:49:18:

I am excited about being the latest contributing author to CRE online! I love sharing what I know about real estate marketing.

I will be submitting more articles. Feel free to let me know your biggest challenges at buying and selling houses from a marketing viewpoint and I will see what I can suggest.

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Big Web Site Update! - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on May 25, 2001 at 06:38:07:


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May 24, 2001


We’ve put together another great update for you.


We’ve just posted a new article for you. It’s by new author,
Richard Roop:

“How to Get Motivated Sellers to Call You”

As you may or may not know, your success in real estate
investing depends upon your ability to locate “motivated
sellers.” There simply is no more important skill. And when
you can get sellers to call you (instead of you calling
them), you can be pretty darn sure they are motivated and
ready to listen to your solutions.


We’ve just put up three (3) GREAT new Money-Making Ideas:

“33 Ways to Find Motivated Sellers”

“You Can’t Do This Where I Live!”

“Advertising Ideas”

Our sincere thanks go to Jim Kennedy, John Carlson (JohnBoy)
and Mark Wilson for sharing their Money-Making Ideas with us.


Our Main News Group is one of the greatest resources on the
site. Every day, there is a wealth of real estate investing
information posted there. For example, all three of our new
Money-Making Ideas were originally News Group posts.

Many of our visitors have been “walked through” their first
deals on the News Group and many others have built lifelong
friendships. Our News Group is a great community.

If you’ve never visited our Main News Group, be sure to stop
by soon. You’ll get answers to your questions and the chance
to meet and network with other creative real estate investors.

“How to Collect 5-Figure Paychecks Buying and Selling Houses”
by Richard Roop

We’re thrilled that marketing expert, Richard Roop, has
joined us. Richard is a full-time investor who has been

“The Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Entrepreneurs.”

As a successful marketing consultant since 1984, Richard
specializes in providing innovative business and marketing
advice to real estate entrepreneurs. His articles have appeared
in entrepreneurial, real estate and marketing newsletters
across the nation, and he is the author of “How To Sell Your
Home in 9 Days.”

“How to Collect 5-Figure Paychecks Buying and Selling Houses”
is all about how to get the motivated sellers to call you.

It is a rare opportunity when you can look over the shoulder
of a full-time real estate entrepreneur and discover how to
make bigger profits in less time. That is exactly what
Richard Roop brings to the table with his new course.

This seminar on tape is a collection of up-to-date creative
real estate and entrepreneurial marketing strategies. Use
them now to begin collecting 5-figure paychecks on a regular
basis through buying and selling houses.

These are the exact same techniques that helped Richard buy
over 100 single family homes in 5 years, creating over
$2 Million Dollars in cash and equity, with an average profit
of $21,000 per deal. Today, as a full time investor, Richard
typically does 3 or 4 deals a month.

Now, for the first time, Richard shares his entire business
with you.

Get his full two-day seminar on 10 audio cassettes showing you:

  • How to stop chasing deals and start getting a stream of
    motivated sellers calling you to buy their house.

  • How to find the right prospects and quickly weed out
    unmotivated, inflexible sellers, automatically.

  • How to recognize a profitable deal by knowing exactly
    what you can do with a house when you buy it and how
    you’ll make your money.

  • How to setup systems to buy multiple houses each
    month, whether to flip for quick cash or to hold for cash
    flow and equity growth.

  • How to eliminate landlording problems.

  • How to sell your houses for top dollar.

  • How to sell or occupy your houses quickly to avoid being
    eaten alive by holding costs and to maximize your profit
    on each deal.

  • How to get your buyers or tenants to fix up your houses.

  • How to find private money to raise all the cash you need
    to buy, fix and resell houses that need work.

  • How to pay off debt at a discount and make at least a
    35% yield, guaranteed.

  • How to conquer the obstacles investors typically face
    every day.

  • And much more…

You also get the complete seminar training manual, containing
examples of all of Richard’s excellent marketing materials,
checklists, forms, contracts and training notes. All documents
are on a PC/MAC compatible computer disk so you can easily
incorporate them into your own real estate business immediately.

Plus you get FOUR (4) FREE BONUSES and an unbelievable

For complete details, go to:

Learn how to buy and sell right. Avoid the costly mistakes
other investors make. Get the essential skills and strategies
you need to achieve your financial goals.

If you are you frustrated trying to find a steady source of
profitable and worthwhile deals and want proven strategies for
making big money in real estate without banks, order your
copy of “How to Collect 5-Figure Paychecks Buying and Selling
Houses” today!

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We hope you enjoy all the new things happening at CRE Online.


JP Vaughan