Beginner RE investors AKA nurses would like tips - Posted by Sue from Milford,CT

Posted by Sue from Milford,CT on January 22, 2001 at 19:43:46:

I am a beginner real estate investor. I’ve read books, combed over these websites, talked with people, driven around to find some potential properties, looked at some with agents, and now have put an offer in on home with the intent of rehabbing and selling. I have a friend who will be going in on the house with me and splitting profits because we can’t seem to find ways of buying without putting money down. I’ve calculated numbers on a few deals and always need to use $10-15000.00 of my own money, equity in my own home, or credit cards. I’ve recently been reading about flipping properties to make initial money. I was hoping for someone to give me info about flipping. I’ve read that I should be able to flip 6 properties in 6 months! Can you help me start this - at least how do I find investors to buy after I sign a contract?
My partner and I are both registered nurses, sick of working our butts off to just get by including working weekends, holidays, and nights! We want more freedom to spend with our families and friends and are extremely motivated to get going in real estate investing. That’s all we can talk about and every time we’re working in our unit (newborn intensive care) We get more motivated to make nursing our hobby and real estate our passion and career! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!