Bats in the attic...HELP!! - Posted by Chad(WI)

Posted by JoeS on August 26, 2002 at 22:01:06:

This is how I did it…find out where they are entering the attic from. They need only a small space to sneak through. When they leave for the night seal up the spaces they use to get in and out. If you build a few bat houses and hang them around the yard they will go into them instead of the attic.

Bats in the attic…HELP!! - Posted by Chad(WI)

Posted by Chad(WI) on August 26, 2002 at 21:05:54:

Hi All-

I live in Wisconsin, and I have to blow in insulation in the attic of a duplex in order to meet the DIHLR requirements(I am not sure if this is a state or federal certification). I am more than happy to do this, since lower heat bills attract more tenants. But, I had the roof re-done this past year, and the roofers said when they were working on the roof, some bats flew out of the attic space.

Has anyone run into this situation? I heard bats hibernate, so I could wait until it gets colder in Wisconsin(won’t be long), but I am not sure WHERE they hibernate. Maybe they stay in the attic? Also, since I had new siding, etc. put on at the same time as the roof was done, they may not be in the attic anymore, but I am not sure how to tell this.

Has anyone run into this same problem, or know how to handle the situation? I heard if you exterminate them, the soon return. If I can get rid of them for at least a couple of days while I do the work, that is fine. I just don’t want the expense of an exterminator if they will just return.

Any ideas? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!

Chad in WI

Good EEEVining! - Posted by The Batman

Posted by The Batman on August 26, 2002 at 23:02:19:

What with the recent spread of the West Nile virus, etc, the bats are actually helping you by eating the mosquitos that carry the virus. Unfortunately, we still want the little buggers out of the houses (guano isn’t cool). After they leave for the evening, tack some wire mesh over where ever you see them leave. Check any screened vents around the eaves, soffit screens that may be torn and also any areas around the eaves that may have dryrotted and left a hole big enough for the little darlings. Screen over them or use the expanding foam (Good Stuff) to fill the holes. If they come back, repeat as necessary until you have all accessable spots sealed. End of problem, except that the mosquitos will be back. You can put up bat houses in the area to attract them. If you can, charge the tenants extra for mosquito control.
Good luck,

Re: Bats in the attic…HELP!! - Posted by Eva_VA

Posted by Eva_VA on August 26, 2002 at 22:04:35:

Hi Chad - I can relate to your bat problem. lol I have a rental home that has become home to bats in the attic. There are 2 vents - one on either side of the house. We decided that the best time to install wire over the vents was during the winter months. When we installed the wire at that time, there were no bats. Unfortuately, the bats are back probably because the wire wasn’t installed properly. I know they are accessing the attic by the vents because their droppings are visible on the ground. We’ll wait for cold weather to set in again and attempt to seal off the vents one more time. Good luck to you!!! :o)