bandit signs - Posted by Stan(Nev)

Posted by Jeff TX on November 04, 2002 at 09:29:36:

According to the city laws that I read (I did a little research on this for Mesquite, TX), political signs are legal during election periods. Real Estate sales signs are also legal on the weekends. Other signs on city property are generally not legal.

I think it’s ridiculous because my signs are not nearly as overwhelmming ang ugly as these hundreds of political signs that I see at major intersections right now.

Jeff TX

bandit signs - Posted by Stan(Nev)

Posted by Stan(Nev) on November 03, 2002 at 21:07:11:

I don’t know how many of you have this problem, but here
in Vegas, there is a group of people that go around, destroying bandit signs. It started a few years ago, and all
they did in the beginning was slap a sticker over them, claiming it was a scam. It has progressed to where they go around with razor knives, cuttign the signs down, leaving only the center section, where the nails are. Its partly why I haven’t placed any, the other part being, I don’t have the funds for any, currently.

Re: bandit signs - Posted by Greg in Dallas

Posted by Greg in Dallas on November 04, 2002 at 24:28:33:

There’s a group with a website at (Citizens Against Ugly Sign Spam). They claim that they tell their people to clean up the signs, but they only make more mess. To me they just don’t have anything better to do. I don’t worry about them or anyone else, I just use the signs for what they are (short term advertising). Think of it this way, if you run an ad in the paper, will your ad run forever, no. Same way with signs, they have a limited shelf life. Some will last a few minutes or hours, and others will last for days, weeks, or even months. Just put them out and try to get them done as inexpensively as possible. Just make sure they’re big enough and that you put them where people are at a stand still for long enough to see your sign and the phone number.

I like to put “Sell Your House Quick” and the phone number or “Cash for Houses” and the Phone number, or We Buy Houses Cash and the phone number. Of course the staple “We Buy Houses” will also work. Just don’t make your sign too busy or else they won’t have time to write down your number.

PS. It’s funny how they don’t bother the political signs, it’s just the other signs that they bother with. I think they don’t bother the political signs, because there are too many political signs out, especially during this time. Like I said, these folks are a joke, so just put out your signs and don’t worry about them. If you spend $200-$300 on signs and you put them out faithfully for 1 month and you get 2 deals that net you anywhere from $5K - $20K each, then what difference does it make what these jerks do?..None! Besides that, there are plenty of other advertising forms you can utilize for that same $200 - $300 dollars, or you can spread it around for more effectiveness and variety… 1.Flyers, 2. Postcards, 3.Bathroom Advertising, etc… Be creative, the sky is just the beginning…the limit is infinite!

Happy Investing,
Greg in Dallas