Bandit signs, flyers, and first call... - Posted by Ryan_MA

Posted by Hau: San Jose, CA on July 08, 2002 at 15:32:22:

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for posting!

This newbie has just ordered his bandit signs and it’s very uplifting to hear that you’re having a good experience with them.

However, I am curious about your flyers. Would you mind sharing what is printed on them? This information would be useful to other newbies like myself.



Bandit signs, flyers, and first call… - Posted by Ryan_MA

Posted by Ryan_MA on July 08, 2002 at 14:42:32:

I put up my first order of 25 bandit signs right before the weekend and have been desperatley waiting for a call :slight_smile: I got my first call this morning from a 3 family owner who bought the house 2 years ago for 200k. She hates being a landlord and just wants to get rid of the place and move. FMV is probably 215-220k. I haven’t actually seen the place but I’m familiar with the rents and multifamily price ranges in that area. I have to call back and get a little more info from her husband, but it doesn’t sound too promising. I think the best I could do is get a 3 month option for 200k and try to find a buyer for FMV. They don’t really have enough equity to pay an agent assuming they only put 5% down, which is what I’m guessing. Anyway, at least I know people are seeing my signs!!! I have another 100 to be delivered wednesday so I’m hoping the calls will really start to come in after I get those bad boys up. I also made some nice flyers with MS Publisher. I marketed is as $1000 for One Call! - referring to a referral bonus. I figure if the people who get the flyer aren’t looking to sell they might know someone who needs to. I made 5000 copies at work Sunday night and I’ll be putting these on cars at a few local malls Thursday. My girlfriend said she would put some out this morning and she finished the Walmart parking lot and then moved on to the Home Depot parking lot where the store manager threw her out! She said he was nice about it though. I hope the mall security doesn’t throw us out. Anyway had any experience with that? Do a lot of places kick you out if they catch you littering their parking lot? :slight_smile: Anyway… I’m just really excited that I’ve got one call from the 25 bandit signs in a few days. If figure if I get one, I’ll have to get more! Thanks to everyone on this site for all your advice and knowledge.

Sign Police Trick!!! Beware - Posted by KL

Posted by KL on July 08, 2002 at 16:25:47:

I’m not new to investing, but i am new to putting bandit signs out. I put some out on Saturday night, got 2 calls Sunday and 1 call on Monday. Now Mondays call was asking me to send them info on my programs. I did the usual screening how motivated were they etc. They told me the loan balance and square footage and what it appraised for. They kept asking me to SEND THEM INFO and asked if we were local. I ignored the part of sending info, and did tell him we were local, and I would have to get back with him once I did some research on the property. When I pulled the address, there was 50 units and his name wasn’t on any of them, so a called him back to get a unit # got his voice mail which said " You have reached xxxx with the city of xxxxx code enforcement, please leave a message and I’ll call you back" I immdiatley hung up. Also I forgot to mention that he said his house appraised for $114K just this year, when I checked the comps, they were selling for the high $120’s to low $130’s. Thought that was kind of wierd. So beware of phone calls you receive.
I drove around today and of course all my signs are gone. Gee wonder why. So, if someone asks you to mail them info don’t do it unless you know they are a serious seller.
Also nothing came of the 1st 2 calls. But I only put up 7 signs. Will try more later.